Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with your creative ideas, we really appreciate it and couldn’t do it without you!

Please read our submission guidelines before making a creative submission.

Submission guidelines:

  • We love ideas about creative people, processes being used by original thinkers, current issues and interesting projects in our area and beyond.

  • In the pages of Tortoise you’ll have seen illustrations, poems, interviews and articles about artists, dairy farming, ambitious projects, creative learning, mental health, architecture, wildlife, and more.

  • Topics could be anything that we think people of Chester and beyond will find stimulating: poetry, works of fiction, art, creative processes, a bit of everything really!

  • Don't feel limited to Chester specific content.

  • The articles are mostly created by talented creative professionals and are of a very high standard.

Important points to consider:

1. Quality - In most cases you’ll need to be able to write, paint, illustrate or photograph to a level that would be nationally acceptable as professional. We set the bar high for ourselves because our readers deserve great content.
2. Attach examples of your work alongside your ideas - we need to see examples of your style and ability as a creative.
3. NO PRESS RELEASES - Take the time to write to us with your idea. Press releases are lazy.
4. Time sensitivity - Tortoise is not news. We avoid making our articles time sensitive and because of this they age very well, you can still read an article from issue 2 which would seem as current as the ones in issue 8. We don't cover upcoming events for this reason.

5. Unique Content - "Chester is a city surrounded by ancient Roman Walls” - It has been done. Cmon, you're more creative than that!
6. Don't be disheartened. We are constantly working through our inbox and considering all submissions, but we are a small team. If you have submitted an idea and not had a response yet, it may not be the right fit for this issue. However, we do keep all submissions on record and regularly sift back through ideas.
7. No Advertorials. We don’t run advertorials in Tortoise Magazine full stop. As a general rule, if you get in touch to tell us about your own business - you should be going down the advertising route below.

To submit a creative idea to be considered for publishing in the next issue - send an email over to


  • We don’t disguise advertising as editorial. Other people do that. If we have ever created articles about businesses, we have approached them because we think that our readers will find their journey or processes interesting.

  • We decided that we wanted our readers to trust us, therefore in the magazine it is very clear what is advertising and what isn’t.

  • You are very welcome to pay for a page of advertising in Tortoise - we’ll even help you create it.

  • Our adverts are very visual as we like to make them feel like part of the magazine and not interrupt the flow. We can assist you in creating something creative & unique to represent your business.

To get in touch about advertising - send an email over to with some information about your business and we will get back to you ASAP to get the ball rolling.